Yes, Virginia, there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy

Yes, Virginia, there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy

[Ed. – And WaPo will show you how Hillary brought it on herself by being defensive about Whitewater in the first place, when we all know there was nothing to find out about Whitewater.  This is a clever bit of writing, taking as its central assumption the thing that has never been proven, and probably cannot be at this point: that there was no there there, in the Whitewater case — or any other Clinton scandal, for that matter.  In fact, of course, the whole story is that Whitewater smells to high heaven, and it’s nothing more than logic and common sense to interpret Hillary’s touchiness about it as suspect.]

The epic battles between the Clintons and their tormentors on the right have shaped American politics for nearly a quarter century.

But there was a moment early on when the toxic course of that history might have been changed, had it not been for Hillary Clinton’s impulses toward secrecy. …

Stephanopoulos wrote[:] “Gergen and I didn’t know what was in the Whitewater documents, but whatever it was, Hillary didn’t want it out — and she had a veto.” …

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“…If they had turned over the Whitewater documents to The Washington Post in December 1993, their seven-year-old land deal would have soon disappeared as an issue and the story of the next seven years would have been entirely different,” Gergen wrote in his book about his time working for four presidents, from Nixon to Clinton. …

Hillary Clinton had it right when she made her famous declaration that a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was out to get her and her husband. The opposition was and is passionate. It is well financed. It sees dark — sometimes preposterous — motives in nearly everything the Clintons do.

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