Secret side deals reduces Iran’s breakout time to build a bomb to less than 5 months

Secret side deals reduces Iran’s breakout time to build a bomb to less than 5 months
Credit: CNBC

On Thursday, The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) published a new report (embedded below) showcasing another part of the P5+1 deal kept secret from the American people and their representatives in Congress. The Iranians who have been receiving bribes from American taxpayers, and have been publicly humiliating the United States since the deal was signed was given secret exemptions to the deal from the U.S. and the other negotiators. As a result of this secret side deal and another one discovered in July, Iran’s breakout time to build a bomb  is <5 months (the adminstration promised us a year), resulting in a much shorter time to react if our intelligence (or Israel’s, or any of the other enemies of the terrorist regime)  discovered that Iran was building a nuclear weapon.

The ISIS report outlined three areas where the rogue regime was given a secret exemptions and one other area where Iran was allowed [sic] exploit a loophole.

The decisions of the Joint Commission have not been announced publicly. The Obama administration informed Congress of key Joint Commission decisions on Implementation Day but in a confidential manner….

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