Is the impeachment of the next president an inevitability?

Is the impeachment of the next president an inevitability?

Bizarre and increasingly troubling as this political year has been, the worst may lie ahead: 2016 could come to be known as America’s inevitable impeachment election.

Based on their prior and present conduct, there is a high likelihood that either a President Donald Trump or a President Hillary Clinton could end up being impeached and possibly convicted and removed from office. The country is rushing headlong toward an almost certain constitutional crisis next year.

Trump’s shockingly erratic behavior has convinced many otherwise sober and restrained observers to conclude that he is temperamentally, and perhaps mentally, unsuited to lead the United States.

At the geostrategic level, the fears expressed by seasoned national security hands from both Republican and Democratic administrations include the possibility of his recklessly blundering the United States into a major war, encouraging nuclear proliferation in Asia, or making dangerously subversive deals with dictators like Vladimir Putin of Russia, Bashir Assad of Syria, or China’s Xi Jinping.

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