Obama, media desperate for you to know ‘election hacking’ threat really serious

Obama, media desperate for you to know ‘election hacking’ threat really serious
(Image via Texas Tribune)

[Ed. – I’m going to have to keep writing about this.  Obama wants to use this crisis to have the federal government take over state election arrangements.  Don’t dance to their tune.  I implore you: spread the word, don’t get bought on this one.  Would you trust Obama to be in charge of the integrity of the 2016 general election?  If not, don’t just go around agreeing with this theme.  If computer-automated voting can’t be protected from hackers, then we need to manage the vote by hand — at the state level.]

The FBI has responded to recent concerns about U.S. voting systems being targeted for cyberattacks as Election Day approaches, saying the agency takes the threat “very, very seriously” and is working to “equip the rest of our government with options.”

FBI Director James Comey addressed the issue while speaking to government and private-industry experts attending the Symantec Government Symposium in Washington, D.C.

“We take very seriously any effort by any actor,” he said, “to influence the conduct of affairs in our country, whether that’s an election or something else.”

His comments come one day after news surfaced about FBI warnings to the states that hackers had infiltrated one state board of election and targeted another.

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