Hillary seems to be getting really, um, expansive

Hillary seems to be getting really, um, expansive
(Image: Screen grab via Am. Thinker)

[Ed. – By some reports, Hillary has a hypo-thyroid problem — which, if true, would explain a lot about what’s wrong with her physically.  Underactive thyroid is one of the most common reasons for rapid weight gain, especially in middle-aged and older women.]

Below you will find a photographic tour of Hillary over the years.  And to all those who might accuse me and this photo essay of being sexist, I say this: (1) too bad, (2) get over it, and (3) Clinton is the one pushing pictures of herself and her family out there faster than you can say “crook!” in an attempt to humanize her image as she claws her way to the White House.

Warning: You may find that her image appears to grow ever larger as you progress through the photos.  It’s not your eyes, it’s not the light, it’s not your computer screen, and it’s not PhotoShop.  It’s HRC, whose attire now seems to require more yardage than a standard issue burqa.

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