Liberty U. students can start keeping guns in their dorms this semester

Liberty U. students can start keeping guns in their dorms this semester

[Ed. – Liberty is in Lynchburg, VA.  Although I’ll have to root for Virginia Tech in the season opener between Liberty U. and the Hokies, I salute Liberty for the principled stand on responsible gun stewardship.]

Today marks the first day of the fall semester at Liberty University, which has launched a new policy that allows students with concealed carry permits to store their firearms in their dorm rooms.

The decision has been celebrated by many students at the largest Christian university in the nation as an advancement of their Constitutional rights and personal safety. …

Previously, students were allowed to carry their gun elsewhere on campus and store them in their cars at night. …

The new policy specifies that students must either have their weapon on their person at all times or be stored in a Liberty University police-approved safe. Additionally, concealed carry permit holders must also be granted written permission by the university’s police department to carry their weapon into residence halls. If carried, the guns must not be visible.

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