HS student wears Black Lives Matter t-shirt on picture day, forced to change

HS student wears Black Lives Matter t-shirt on picture day, forced to change
Image: KPNX video screen grab

When Mariah Havard arrived at Buckeye High School for picture day Tuesday wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt, the 10th grader says she was told to go to the school’s office, where she says administration leaders told her the shirt wasn’t allowed.

“I wasn’t able to wear the shirt anymore because somebody made a complaint,” Havard said.  “I was a little bit confused as to why I wouldn’t be able to wear something so meaningful to me.”

Havard says the assistant principal cited the school’s dress code policy, which bans clothing and accessories which can “disrupt the education process.”

Havard immediately called her mother.

“She was asked to change and she didn’t question them — she was being respectful,” Roxanne Havard, Mariah’s mother. “She went in the bathroom and was thinking about why she had to change.”

Havard’s family and others believe the 15-year-old was treated unfairly, especially because they say the school has a history of allowing students to wear shirts supporting a cause, including some that could be considered offensive.

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