Poll: Which candidate is more evil?

Poll: Which candidate is more evil?

A common refrain in this election has been that it represents an almost impossible choice between two historically unpopular candidates. Ethicistsopinion writers, and then third-party candidates have put it in even starker terms: in casting a ballot for Clinton or Trump voters are forced to choose the “lesser of two evils”. Except, that’s not quite how voters see it.

Among Trump’s voters a striking 83% would use the word “evil” to describe Clinton. Clinton voters aren’t much less willing to mince their words, with 66% describing Trump as “evil”.

However, these points of view rarely overlap. In fact, 37% of registered voters describe only Clinton as evil, and 30% describe only Trump as evil, and 24% describe neither candidate this way, but only 5% describe both candidates this way. Groups that are more likely to describe both candidates as evil are voters aged 18-34 (12%) and those who support third parties or are undecided (19%).

(h/t Ed Morrissey, Hot Air)

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