Nearly 80% of gun crimes in Pittsburgh committed by non-gun owners

Nearly 80% of gun crimes in Pittsburgh committed by non-gun owners
(Image: Screen grab of VOA News video, YouTube)

If you listen to liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg, you would think that every person who owns a gun is intent on committing some sort of violent crime involving their gun(s). According to them, everyone who walks into a gun shop and purchases a handgun or AR-15, is going to use it to shoot or threaten someone else….


Clinton and Obama also ignore crime facts that support gun owners like the recent report from Pittsburgh. CNS News recently reported on a study published in the July edition of Social Medicine. The crux of the report stated that 79% of gun crimes committed in Pittsburgh in 2008 were committed by non-gun owners.

The researchers looked at all 893 of the guns recovered from Pittsburgh crime scenes in 2008 and then traced the guns back to their sources. The 893 guns were used in 762 different crimes carried out by 607 offenders.

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