Why is Presidential Debate Commission delaying announcing moderators?

Why is Presidential Debate Commission delaying announcing moderators?

There’s only one question remaining as the first presidential debate is just over one month away: Who’s going to be the moderator?

The answer to that question won’t be announced until after Labor Day, a source familiar with the subject told CNNMoney’s Dylan Byers Wednesday. The Commission on Presidential Debates had originally planned to unveil the moderators later this month, but it has since pushed back the announcement until after Sept. 5, according to the source.

As usual, the bipartisan Commission is working to find moderators who are not likely to face backlash for showing bias during the debates, but according to Byers’ source, finding a journalist immune to accusations of partiality has been a pretty difficult task given how frequently Donald Trump has challenged members of the media for their reporting.

The Commission is hoping to find a moderator who will remain in the background, not becoming embroiled in the story. However, the Republican presidential nominee’s strident attacks on the media and his complaints about impartial treatment all but guarantees whoever the moderator is will come under fire from conservative circles.

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