Hmm: Trump-Pence not on Minnesota ballot for November yet

Hmm: Trump-Pence not on Minnesota ballot for November yet
Image: Grabien video screen grab

[Ed. – Are the Minnesota Republicans holding out for a miracle?  If you recall, the Minnesota caucuses were Rubio’s big win in the primary season.  Trump came in third behind Cruz.  Is there actually a possibility that #NeverTrumpers are trying to induce some electoral-college crisis by not getting Trump on the ballot by the deadline (which is the 29th)?  Watch this space…]

Don’t plan to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? You’ll have options on the Minnesota ballot this November.

Tuesday was the deadline for non-major party candidates for President and Vice President to file the necessary paperwork to be on the ballot in Minnesota. There is no filing fee for presidential candidates, but non-major party candidates must submit a 2,000-signature petition. …

As of Wednesday night, it appears the Minnesota Republican Party has not yet filed the paperwork to put Donald Trump and Mike Pence on the Minnesota ballot.

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