Greatest defense alliance in human history now prioritizes ‘Gender Perspective’ training

Greatest defense alliance in human history now prioritizes ‘Gender Perspective’ training
Hey, the HQ building is imposing, at least. (Image: NATO HQ, Belgium)

[Ed. – This seems like too little, too late, frankly.  Why isn’t there already a Supreme Allied Gender Command?  For that matter, it’s stunning that there aren’t several regional Gender Commands.  Mykonos seems like a natural for GENDERCOM EAST.  I’d vote for Copenhagen for GENDERCOM NORTH.  And with all due respect to Canada, I feel pretty certain that GENDERCOM WEST, for North America, should be in San Francisco.  Y’all work out amongst yourselves where the rest should go.]

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization offers “gender perspective” training for member nations that warns troops of “problematic” approaches to gender.

NATO tweeted from its NATO Women account this week to inform the public about its “gender education and training package for nations.” The pilot course was created during the organization’s “gender annual discipline conference.”

“Gender perspective is a force multiplier and supports the outcome of the operation and enhances mission effect,” according to a presentation offered by NATO. “Using a gender perspective in the planning, execution, assessment and reporting of your activities will increase operational effectiveness.”

NATO begins the course with an exercise asking the audience what comes to mind when they think about women versus men in war and conflict. The military alliance says it is wrong to see women only as victims, and men as actors. …

The organization also offers a “Soldiers Card” for member nations, which explains gender is “learned through socialisation and determines a person’s position and value in a given context.”

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