Poll: 80% of Americans support voter ID laws

Poll: 80% of Americans support voter ID laws

Yes, some news about North Carolina’s voter ID law isn’t good. Apparently, the state GOP requested data on the voting behaviors between the racial groups and found that black voters rarely (if ever) have a photo ID issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. So, they crafted a law that would only allow types of identification that are disproportionately used by white voters. Christopher Ingraham of The Washington Post wrote about this find when a federal appeals court struck down the law earlier this month. He called it the “smoking gun” that showed the law’s intent was to disenfranchise black voters. If this is true, it’s obviously not good—and some accountability needs to occur. But the notion of presenting identification prior to voting isn’t alien, nor is it unpopular. Voter ID laws are very popular across party and racial lines; 65 percent of black voter support the concept of voter ID laws, regardless of Democrats trying to frame this as Jim Crow reloaded.

Now, we have Gallup noting that 80 percent of Americans support voter ID laws, which includes 95 percent support among Republicans….

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