Man goes skinny dipping in lake, gets penis pierced with fishing hook

Man goes skinny dipping in lake, gets penis pierced with fishing hook
Image: Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock

[Ed. – Reeled in a big one.]

Herbert Fendt first thought he had got stuck in some water plants, but soon realised that it was far too painful to be weeds.

When he put his hands down towards his legs he felt the line and the hook and realised he had been pierced through his penis.

The incident happened at the Kaisersee, a lake in the Bavarian city of Augsburg in Germany.

The lake is a popular spot for nude recreation, which is a well-accepted pastime in Germany.

Fendt was also swimming naked in the lake, when a fisherman mistakenly caught him on the end of his line.

Fendt said: “I cried out to the fisherman ashore shouting do not pull, do not pull. I was terrified he was going to try to reel me in.”

The unlucky swimmer quickly went ashore where the hook was found to be firmly embedded in his manhood.

As the hook could not be removed, the fisherman had to cut the line.

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