George Stephanopoulos gushes over ‘Obama first date’ film: Will Obama?

George Stephanopoulos gushes over ‘Obama first date’ film: Will Obama?
Image: MRCTV video screen grab via ABC News

Former Democratic operative turned Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos good barely restrain himself on Tuesday as he gushed over a new movie about the first date between Barack and Michelle Obama. Talking to the stars of Southside With You, he hyped the film as focusing “on one day in the summer of 1989 when Barack and Michelle Obama went out for the first time.”

Stephanopoulos pressed actors Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers (who stars as Obama), wondering, “I guess you guys have to be a little bit nervous thinking, ‘Are they going the watch the movie?’” Zeroing in on Sawyers, the ABC co-host offered anAccess Hollywood-style softball: “You say it was Barack Obama who actually inspired you to get into acting?”

To the pregnant Sumpter, Stephanopoulos highlighted the role as the future First Lady: “You say this film was a gift to your daughter.”

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