Target earnings continue to fall. For some reason

Target earnings continue to fall. For some reason

[Ed. – I love the article here, which blames everything — including Apple (?) — except the boycott, to which 1.4 million people have signed on, and which many more are probably joining, without adding their names to a list.  Note: the earnings drop for the 2Q is a 9.7% year-on-year drop, which is significant.]

There are two indisputable facts surrounding Target’s decision to allow men to use the same bathrooms and changing rooms as women and little girls.

First, Target’s stock has taken pounding since April. Second quarter earnings fell to $680 million, according to Market Watch. And revenue fell 7.2 percent.

Second, more than 1.4 million consumers have joined American Family Association’s nationwide boycott of the nation’s second-largest discount retailer.

The debate is whether there is a correlation between those two facts.

Target CEO Brian Cornwell told Fortune magazine in May that the transgender bathroom policy has nothing to do with their financial wellbeing.

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