Oops: State Dept’s own report shows it knowingly edited ‘lying about Iran’ exchange

Oops: State Dept’s own report shows it knowingly edited ‘lying about Iran’ exchange
Don't even think about it, punks.

[Ed. – This is hilarious.  We’ve linked to earlier reporting on this, from when State was questioned about it, denied knowingly editing out the embarrassing (for the State Department) footage, and then got huffy when reporters continued to press the issue.  The latest iteration of the kabuki dance involved spox John Kirby slogging through more than 30 minutes of questioning on the topic.  See the emphasized passage.  I think the person requesting the edit knew what she was asking for.]

An investigation by the State Department’s top attorney has found that the official who ordered the censorship of a 2013 press briefing — deleting an exchange between a department spokeswoman and a Fox News reporter — specifically mentioned that exchange when ordering the doctoring of the video.

That fact, buried in a new report prepared by the department’s Office of the Legal Adviser, was ignored in the report’s own conclusions about why the incident occurred, and conflicted with public statements about the report made by State Department spokesman John Kirby. …

[T]he legal adviser’s report — shared with news organizations on condition they not publish it in full — did indeed contain evidence to indicate why the unidentified supervisor demanded the deletion, in a section of the report captioned “Evidence of Purposeful Editing.”

“The technician did not recall a reason being given for the edit request,” the report stated, “but did believe that the requester had mentioned in the course of the call a Fox network reporter and Iran.” The report continued: “The technician indicated that the requester may also have provided the start and end times for an edit.”

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