Chaffetz: Many emails in new Hillary dump ‘classified’ because they’re just embarrassing

Chaffetz: Many emails in new Hillary dump ‘classified’ because they’re just embarrassing
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[Ed. – Keep in mind, a lot of these emails being released to Judicial Watch are marked classified for the purpose of the FOIA release — not because the information in the emails was marked classified at the time it was originally generated.  There are emails that fit the latter category, and emails that SHOULD have been marked classified at the time they were generated.  But a lot of them have been marked by someone who looked at them later, to see which ones could be released to the public.  Apparently, what Jason Chaffetz has found is that redacted emails, of which he has seen the originals — because of his access to “classified” material — were marked classified and had portions blacked out for the FOIA release, solely because the contents would be personally embarrassing to Hillary and/or her email correspondents.  So congratulations, taxpayers, for another priority mission you just paid for.]

Chaffetz then mentioned another other issue he has in all of this, saying it is “stunning” to him that the FBI turned over a second set of materials on Sunday in a classified setting that were different from an earlier set of materials sent over by the FBI.

“So we have a second set of documents that’s now different,” Chaffetz said. “When you turn them page by page, they’re different. I don’t know why that happened.”

Asked by regular panelist Mike Barnicle to clarify what he meant and to explain the difference, Chaffetz exclaimed, “Well, there new information!”

He continued, “A lot of this that they claim is classified is just flat-out embarrassing. There’s nothing classified about it, it’s just embarrassing. It’s a lot of immature name-calling, stuff like that.”

Chaffetz was careful not to question the motives of the FBI and made it clear he was not accusing them of trying to protect Clinton — or even implying as such.  They just simply want to know why there is a difference.

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