Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don’t want

Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don’t want

We’ve got a presidential campaign that stars one of the most polarizing, divisive and talked-about figures in American life, an international celebrity and lightning rod for all sociopolitical topics going back a quarter of a century.

And she’s become a bystander in this race.

On Thursday, after the usual barrage and tumult of nuttier-than-a-Skippy-factory stories about the Donald Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton didn’t show up until page A15 of that day’s edition of The New York Times, in a story in which she practically begged America, “Hey! Over here! I’m in this thing too!”

It turns out Clinton has some sort of tax proposal. (She wants to raise them.) Nobody cares. It won’t pass. Nothing she says matters. These days she might as well be reading “Twilight” fan fiction at her rallies. She is the first major presidential candidate since James Monroe ran unopposed in 1820 who could spend October of election year in Fiji if she wanted to.

Hillary Clinton, it appears, will be elected president on Nov. 8 and probably by a margin in the “wide” to “vast” range. She has so much money, she’s become Richard Pryor in “Brewster’s Millions,” struggling to unload it all before the deadline. This week she opened a field office in Lubbock, Texas, a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic president since 1976.

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