Just imagine how Clinton would excuse foreign donations as president

Just imagine how Clinton would excuse foreign donations as president

This year’s headline: “If Hillary Clinton Wins, Foundation Will Stop Accepting Foreign Donations.” Next year’s headline: “Clinton Foundation Accepts $250 Million in Foreign Donations.”

Call me a cynic, but I think this is totally possible. I can even imagine how the reconciliation between these two seemingly conflicting headlines would go:

“Well, $75 million was donated after the election in November but before the inauguration in January, and we always meant that the new rules would take effect after the inauguration. Another $100 million contributed from foreign countries and corporations was donated to the Clinton Foundation affiliate in Canada, so there is obviously no conflict.”

They’ll continue: “Of course, another $25 million or so came to Chelsea, but no reasonable person can dispute that she is worth every penny. Next, the $25 million that came in from the rulers of Moneystan all came from their New York real-estate company, so that’s not ‘foreign’ at all. So there you have it: The foundation has not accepted any money from a foreign government or corporation. The Clintons have gone beyond what other First Families have had to report and endure, but there is just no way to satisfy some of their bitter, partisan critics.”

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