What Bill Clinton taught me about sex

What Bill Clinton taught me about sex

“Mom, what’s a blow job? Did Monica blow on his penis? Didn’t that tickle? And where did President Bill put that cigar? Doesn’t that hurt? Why did she let him do that to her?”

These were some of the wonderful conversations my mother had to have with me thanks to President Bill Clinton when I was 12 years old in 1998. My poor mother, a lifelong Democrat and hard-left liberal, grew to hate the Clintons because of the conversations their actions necessitated between us. I remember her moaning: “Would it have been so hard for him to keep it in his pants for a few years while he was working in the Oval Office?” Apparently so.

It wasn’t long after the scandal broke that friends started engaging in these activities themselves. If the President, a married man, does it, is it really such a big deal? Even Bill’s own wife didn’t think so. Recently Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon reported that Hillary told a close friend, Diane Blair, that the interactions between Monica and Bill did not include sex “within any real meaning” of the term.

In the early 1990s millions of parents like mine were forced to have conversations with their children about sex long before they were developmentally ready to hear about the mechanics of different sexual acts detailed in the media about Bill Clinton and his various conquests.

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