5 things to know about World Vision (beyond the millions it funneled to Hamas)

5 things to know about World Vision (beyond the millions it funneled to Hamas)
Mohammed El-Halabi. (Image via Times of Israel)

[Ed. – Boldface in original.  See also our previous post on World Vision’s partnership with the Clinton Foundation.]

World Vision, a Christian organization devoted to promoting child welfare throughout the world, is facing a scandal that threatens its credibility in a profound way. One of its employees, Mohammed El-Halabi, stands accused of stealing charitable donations and handing them over to Hamas, a terrorist organization.

On August 4, 2016, the Israel government announced that it was charging Halabi with diverting funds donated for the benefit of children to Hamas, which used the money to purchase weapons and to construct attack tunnels into Israel. …

Here are a five things that people need to know about World Vision.

1. World Vision is a conglomeration of local affiliates that operate in countries throughout the world. Its umbrella organization, World Vision International (WVI), is not just a humanitarian agency, but a church. …

2. World Vision’s affiliates have a troubling tendency to use stories of Israeli villainy as part of its fundraising narrative. It has also supported anti-Israel propaganda in a number of different venues.

As documented in the articles posted below, World Vision’s affiliates, especially those outside of the United States, have used anti-Israel propaganda as a way to generate publicity for its work in the Gaza Strip. …

5. Experts who pay attention to the humanitarian aid industry have repeatedly documented how humanitarian organizations working in war zones have been corrupted by the circumstances in which they operate. Diversion of goods provided by humanitarian organizations is inevitable in places like the Gaza Strip. It is part of the business. That being said, the allegations against Halabi are beyond the pale…

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