Yes, men really did greater things when boobs were harder to see

Yes, men really did greater things when boobs were harder to see
Vidstill from Kendra Jane Sunderland's porno

In the past men were so moved by female beauty that they would spend tons of productive energy creating breathtaking works of art like this sculpture of Apollo and Daphne by Bernini. This sculpture is meant to capture Apollo’s endless pursuit of Daphne, a woman he can never attain. Daphne, the ultimate single girl, has sworn off marriage.

In the stories of the past, men would attempt to move heaven and earth in pursuit of a woman. Today, they might swipe right. Of course, ancient depictions of the beauty of female bodies also required months, if not years, of intense work to produce, which is a completely different scenario than getting a high-school or college hottie to instantly text you topless photos.

Ancient art also elevates a woman’s body as something worth years of effort in pursuit, while pornified bodies degrade and commodify human beings as pixels to callously flip through and discard. One is a work of wonder we gaze at for centuries, the other a short-term amusement constantly replaced by the next titillating image. So while the boobs were evident in imagery in the past, they still were depicted through immense effort and even told the story of a man striving to woo a woman.

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