Marriage status of Minnesota Somali-American political candidate decidedly unconventional

Marriage status of Minnesota Somali-American political candidate decidedly unconventional
Statehouse candidate Ilhan Omar. (Image: Ilhan Omar, Facebook via Fox 9)

[Ed. – A lot of weird stuff goes on in state politics, it’s true.  But this sounds like the kind of thing that should not be overlooked.  It’s not meaningless that whatever may be going on here could be in violation of state law.]

Ilhan Omar made history last week, poised to become the first Somali-American candidate elected to a state house anywhere in the United States. But she’s now facing a slew of questions, and not giving a lot of answers, about marriage certificates and the identity of her legal husband. …

In 2002, Omar, then just 19, swore out a marriage license with a man named Ahmed Aden. … Hennepin County has no marriage certificate or final record that legalized the marriage.

Then, in 2009, she at least on paper legally marries a man by the name of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. The conservative Power Line blog alleges that this is her brother — a potential sham marriage to help the brother with immigration into the United States. Fox 9 cannot independently confirm the allegation.

In recent interviews, Ilhan Omar has said her husband is a third man — Ahmed Hirsi — the father of the couple’s 3 children. … [O]ne source in the community tells Fox 9 that Ilhan Omar’s current marriage is what you would call a “traditional” or “community” marriage — one not necessarily legalized with paperwork at the county or state level.

While Ilhan Omar’s campaign wouldn’t provide any documentation or explanation for the marriage licenses on file, they did release a statement calling the rumors about her personal life “absurd” and “false.”

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