Lebanese man killed by Tulsa neighbor was a Christian

Lebanese man killed by Tulsa neighbor was a Christian
Vernon Majors (L) and Khalid Jabara (Images via Shoebat)

[Ed. – Verified by multiple sources.  As with the killing of the imam in Queens, this was not a “bigoted Christofascist white guy kills Muslim” crime.  The killer in Tulsa does appear to have been an equal-opportunity bigot, but “Islamophobia” as the mindless MSNBC-level narrative would have it was not his motive.  He’s obviously outside the mainstream, a fringe nut bearing no resemblance to the face of ordinary America, and indicating nothing about it.]

A man in Oklahoma murdered his Christian neighbor, and then justified it by saying that he was a Muslim who needed to die. The victim was a Christian from Lebanon. Here is some news for a lot of people out there: just because some one is Middle Eastern, doesn’t mean they are an Islamic terrorist. …

Here is the report:

Khalid Jabara was worried.

Last year, his mother had been jogging through the family’s quiet Tulsa neighborhood when she was nearly killed in a vicious hit-and-run. Police quickly arrested Vernon Majors, who, according to a police report, confessed to the crime and even offered a motive, calling the Jabaras “filthy Lebanese.”

On May 25 of this year, however, Majors bonded out of jail.

That’s when he returned home — right next to the Jabaras.

On Friday, Khalid learned that his next-door neighbor, the man accused of harassing his family and attacking his mother, was now armed.

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