ISIS fighters are using ‘Islam for Dummies’ to prepare for jihad

ISIS fighters are using ‘Islam for Dummies’ to prepare for jihad
Image: Wiley Publishing, via New York Post

ISIS wannabes are so ignorant about the culture they’re pledging their lives to that they are ordering books like “Islam for Dummies” before joining the terrorist organization.

About 70 percent of ISIS recruits only have “basic” knowledge of Shariah law, the Islamic legal system, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of more than 3,000 internal documents from the terror network.

Some jihadis-in-training admitted in court that they tried to beef up their knowledge about the religion before traveling to Syria by buying a few books from Amazon.

Convicted terrorists Mohammed Ahmed and Yusuf Sarwar, 22-year-old recruits from Britain, ordered “The Koran for Dummies” and “Islam for Dummies” before their trip.

They were arrested and convicted of terrorism-related charges when they tried to re-enter Britain in 2014.

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