Great news: Aid charity fears spread of resurgent yellow fever from Africa

Great news: Aid charity fears spread of resurgent yellow fever from Africa
Now, double for your money: the Aedes Aegypti mosquito can spread Yellow Fever AND Zika. (Image: Shutterstock)

[Ed. – Infected people aren’t especially likely to travel directly from Democratic Republic of Congo — truly a hell-hole — to Europe or the Americas.  But with the disease reappearing in Uganda, Kenya, and China, it probably IS only a matter of time before it crops up in the West.]

A deadly African virus is on the brink of spreading to Europe and the Americas amid the largest outbreak in more than 30 years, a charity has warned.

Yellow fever can cause bleeding from the ears, eyes and nose, organ failure, jaundice and death in the most severe cases, and is considered such a threat that many African nations refuse entry to anyone who has not been vaccinated.

Yet despite those regulations, thousands of suspected cases have been reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after the disease crossed the border from Angola.

Other cases have already been reported in Uganda and in Kenya, and earlier this year China notified the World Health Organisation (WHO) of 11 cases imported by migrant workers coming back from Africa. …

The virus can only be passed on by the Aedes mosquito, the same vector as for Zika and dengue, but once it arrives in a region it can in theory be spread anywhere where the insects are present. That includes most of Latin America, the US, Asia, northern Australia and much of southern Europe.

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