Convenience marts to Obama admin: Um, our customers don’t want kale and lamb

Convenience marts to Obama admin: Um, our customers don’t want kale and lamb
Arm up.

[Ed. – It’s actually fine with me if stores stop accepting EBT cards.  There shouldn’t even be EBT cards.  If anything, there should be vouchers redeemable only for a list of generic basic foods.  But if we have to pay for this whole damn show, it’s at least entertaining to watch the Obama administration reach around with one hand and slap the other cheek of big government silly.]

New federal regulations intended to promote healthy eating could make it harder to use food stamps at convenience stores – a change that opponents say will leave disadvantaged people with fewer places to buy groceries.

The standards proposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture would require retailers that accept food stamps to stock more and fresher varieties of food. But many convenience stores won’t be able to meet the requirements and will be forced from the the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as SNAP, or food stamps, critics say. …

Meiners Markets in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs (MO) sell everything from bulk candy and beer to fresh fruit and vegetables. Attached to gas stations, they’re handy pit stops for early risers and late-night shift workers, some of whom rely on food stamps to grab groceries on the go.

But Meiners Markets…customers aren’t likely to buy kale, duck or lamb…so such products “will just spoil on the shelves.”

As a result…tens of thousands of stores across the country could stop accepting food stamps.

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