‘Black Olives Matter’ goes viral with ballcaps and T-shirts

‘Black Olives Matter’ goes viral with ballcaps and T-shirts
Image: KOB video screen grab

[Ed. – Some things are forces of nature and just can’t be stopped.  The turn-around time on this has lagged, however.  We ran a headline on Paisano’s and the complaints against its “Black Olives Matter” sign on 20 July, and it seems to have taken considerably longer to get the memorabilia campaign going than it did for BLM to outfit everybody after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson.]

When Paisano’s Italian restaurant in Albuquerque wanted to promote a new tuna dish with black olive tapenade, owner Rick Camuglia posted a sign outside of his restaurant and put a photo on Facebook to promote “black olives matter.”

The only problem? Some people took issue with the phraseology, and that pushed Camuglia’s Facebook post viral.

Yes, he was called racist, insensitive and even accused of trivializing the shooting of blacks by police.

And those attacks, ladies and gentlemen, are what launched Camuglia’s latest, and very successful campaign — selling “black olives matter” hats and shirts.

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