Tourist harpooned by Muslim bathers in ‘burkini’ spat in Corsica

Tourist harpooned by Muslim bathers in ‘burkini’ spat in Corsica
(Image: Screen grab of wotchit/CNN video, YouTube)

[Ed. – At least the local mayor is doing something sensible.  (“Right” is another question.)  The European media struggle mightily to make this a two-sided socio-moral problem, but the bottom line is, Muslims harpooned a guy for taking pictures of a woman in a burkini at the beach.  Damn straight the Corsican locals fought back.  They’re going to keep fighting back.  It’s like the whole continent is East Germany in 1989, and a sclerotic governing elite thinks it can somehow keep exercising control for unjust purposes.]

The French island of Corsica has banned burqinis following a violent clash between North Africans and locals which saw a man harpooned for taking a picture of women wearing the garments. …

And today Sisco mayor Pierre-Ange Vivoni said burqinis would be banned on the island from tomorrow.

It comes after hatchets and harpoons were thrown in the beach brawl that broke out after a tourist was seen taking pictures of women wearing burkinis in Corsica.

When the bathers objected to the images, a group of local teenagers are said to have come to the photographer’s defence.

Local reports said that the group of North African men armed themselves and took on the young Corsicans. One man was hit by a spear-like weapon and a pregnant women was taken to hospital with injuries.

The unrest in Corsica, which lasted several hours, escalated when the teenagers’ parents rushed from their village to the beach where two of them were then injured with harpoons. In retaliation, villagers then set fire to cars belonging to the bathers, it is claimed.

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