Scott Walker activates National Guard in response to Milwaukee riots

Scott Walker activates National Guard in response to Milwaukee riots
Image via Breitbart

[Ed. – Good job, Walker.  Note the additional report from Milwaukee officials that the shooting officer’s body cam showed victim Sylville Smith had a gun.]

Christine has written about the awful riots occurring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The violence erupted over the weekend after another police-involved shooting prompted many to show up at the crime scene via social media, which has spiraled out of control. A person was shot today, while an armored vehicle manned by law enforcement was ordered to fall back due to the deteriorating situations. The officer involved in the shooting is black, and now Gov. Scott Walker has activated the National Guard at the behest of Sheriff David Clarke. …

The man who was shot and killed by police, 23-year-old Sylville K. Smith, fled his vehicle after a traffic stop. He was reportedly armed and shot after he wouldn’t drop his weapon. The officer was wearing a body camera.

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