Kansas teen convicted of consensual sodomy

Kansas teen convicted of consensual sodomy

A judge Tuesday placed a Hutchinson teen convicted of sodomizing another teen multiple times during a church Bible school to juvenile probation supervisor for one year.

District Judge Patricia Macke Dick also ordered Bob L. Hoffman, 17, to undergo an assessment at Horizons Mental Health Center to determine if he would benefit from sexual offender counseling.

A predisposition report, Macke Dick said during the hearing, indicated Hoffman was at low risk of reoffending and it did not recommend sexual offender counseling.

“Knowing Bob’s history as I do, I will order probation for a period of a year,” the judge said. “This particular case involved a consensual meeting between young people, which happens frequently. That they were 17 and 15 means it is not right, but it happens all the time. It was not a violent offense, and there were no threats or coercion.”

The teen’s parents, however, according to Reno County Assistant District Attorney Dan Gilligan, expressed concern “this kind of activity, as he gets older, will pass him into the adult system,” and they did not object to counseling.

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