How Donald Trump has helped my marriage

How Donald Trump has helped my marriage
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Donald Trump may not be the best thing to happen to our country, and that’s being kind. He’s done wonders for my marriage, though. Let me explain.

My wife and I just celebrated our anniversary: eleven years of marital bliss. “Bliss” includes the usual disagreements, fights, and gender clashes. In short, we’re a pretty normal couple. We haven’t regretted swapping “I do”s, and you won’t find any divorce lawyers lurking on our smartphone contacts.

We’re also polar opposites, politically speaking. Think James Carville and Mary Matalin, with a lower profile.

My wife felt the Bern as much as any Sanders devotee. She wants more taxes and believes the American dream is out of reach for many hard-working, low-income families. She used to toil for nonprofits. Now she works in state government, as the director of a large social program that helps vulnerable families and is funded by the Affordable Care Act.

She almost didn’t date me at first because my Mercury Cougar was too “fancy.”

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