France appeals to citizens: Let refugees into your homes

France appeals to citizens: Let refugees into your homes
Here they come. (Image via Breitbart)

[Ed. – Yes, that worked out so nicely for this German man back in March.  Of course, the testimony of a Frenchwoman on the front lines of the “refugee” invasion in Calais indicates that in some places, the French don’t even need to invite migrants into their homes.  The migrants are just breaking in and helping themselves, often while defenseless residents are right there.]

There are currently 147 reception centres across France, but these are in massive demand as desperate refugees continue to flee the Middle East.

Housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse has pledged to built a further 50 centres before the end of next month in a desperate bid to ease the crisis.

But she has also called on French people to open up their homes to migrants in need. Several organisations have already promised to help.

The group Singa has helped 300 migrants find a temporary home since it launched its ‘Calm’ scheme last June. …

“If things work out, the migrant will remain in the person’s home for a minimum of two weeks, and for up to nine months.”

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