Cops shoot mentally ill black man (who was armed and acting ‘really crazy’) 16 times

Cops shoot mentally ill black man (who was armed and acting ‘really crazy’) 16 times
Joseph Mann (Image: Family photo)

[Ed. – The part of the headline in parentheses was omitted from the source article’s headline headline.]

New video released by the family of a mentally ill black man killed by Sacramento police last month shows he was standing far away from cops when they opened fire, killing him with 16 gunshots.

Police defended their July 11 shooting as of Joseph Mann as an act of self-defense because they said the 51-year-old man was acting erratic with a knife. The footage released last week by the law firm representing the family in a lawsuit against the police department suggests otherwise.

Video shows Mann running back and forth across a street in front of squad cars before he comes to rest against a wall some distance from two officers. Mann does not appear to move towards the officers when they open fire.

Mann’s family alleged in a lawsuit against the police that his killing was an unwarranted act of police force and that police ignored Mann’s obvious mental distress, violating protocols for deescalating encounters with the mentally ill.

Bystanders first called police around 9:30 a.m. on July 11, reporting a man acting irrationally, armed with a knife and possibly a gun. Mann was acting “really crazy,” police spokesperson Sergeant Bryce Heinlein told the Los Angeles Times after the shooting. Police say he charged a patrol vehicle with a folding knife, before running back to the sidewalk. Two officers approached him from squad cars, guns drawn.

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