Wait, what? Kaine says being picked for VP feels like being ‘kidnapped’

Wait, what? Kaine says being picked for VP feels like being ‘kidnapped’
Image: CNN video screen grab

Tim Kaine is feeling just a little bit like a hostage on the campaign trail.

Arriving here at a coordinated campaign field office for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and local Democrats, Kaine was greeted by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) who asked: “Well, what is it like?”

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee quipped back: “It feels like I got kidnapped.”

Indeed, Kaine has been a bit more buttoned-up than his normal self in his first two weeks as Clinton’s running mate. He still lingers at events and talks to supporters, but has said little to the traveling press even while recording interviews with local and national outlets — belying his habit as a senator of holding long gaggles with reporters as he deals with the rigors of the presidential campaign trail.

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