Facebook bows to anti-science activists, shuts down ‘We Love GMOs and Vaccines’

Facebook bows to anti-science activists, shuts down ‘We Love GMOs and Vaccines’

After two and a half years and reaching 70,000 organic likes, We Love GMOs and Vaccines has been removed from Facebook….

I am a middle school teacher in Annapolis, MD, who has become concerned about the turn against science on critically important issues, such as vaccines and agricultural biotechnology. The Facebook site grew into something I never imagined. I found myself being invited to happy hours with University of Florida plant scientist Kevin Folta, to the United Nations to meet with the Cornell Alliance for Science Fellows and even to a tour of Monsanto in St. Louis. More importantly I made personal friends with people all over the world, both online and off.

The time spent with the page was not without some stress. My criticism of the anti-biotechnology movement has caused some absolutely terrible people to try and silence me. I almost threw in the towel when people began tweeting and emailing my school system about me. These people view the criticism often used on my Facebook page as “harassment” of their leaders and followers – and they have attacked the site and me viciously.

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