Aha! Donald Trump is Paul Krugman’s fault

Aha!  Donald Trump is Paul Krugman’s fault

[Ed. – It’s not that there’s nothing to this.  It’s just — Krugman?  That’s like blaming the Reds’ loss in WS ’75 game 6, the most epic game of the most epic World Series of all time, on the bat boy.]

Liberal pundits write viciously about Trump. But they wrote viciously about Romney, McCain, Bush… and they wonder why people outside their circle stopped listening.

His convention was called “one of the worst ever.” Chris Matthews deemed him “dangerous” and “scary,” Ellen DeGeneres said “If you’re a woman, you should be very, very scared.” His opponent ran an ad against him portraying him as uniquely dangerous for women. “I’ve never felt this way before, but it’s a scary time to be a woman,” said a woman in the ad.

He was frequently called a “bully,” “anti-immigrant,” “racist,” “stupid,” and “unfit” to be president.

I’m referring, obviously, to the terrifying Mitt Romney. …

Lest you imagine all presidential candidates get this kind of media treatment, well, not quite. Barack Obama wasn’t stupid when he said there were 57 states. He wasn’t racist when he listened to Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermons for 20 years. He wasn’t insane when he said he would lower the oceans. He wasn’t unfit when he said he would end the Iraq war on the very day he took office. He continually got the benefit of the doubt that Republicans never get from the press.

So in 2016 when there is a Republican candidate who might be, actually, dangerous, it’s unsurprising that many mainstream Republicans don’t care.

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