Dartmouth to offer course on ‘gun phallocracy’

Dartmouth to offer course on ‘gun phallocracy’

[Ed. – Remember, people will be paying money for this.]

At Dartmouth, associate professor and “queer theorist” Eng-Beng Lim will offer a course bashing conservatives, gun ownership, and “phallocracy.” Yes, liberal academic bias is expected and well known, but this is just ridiculous. The Dartmouth Review had the details:

Lim posted the syllabus without comment, but it was later confirmed in a College press release that he is teaching the course this summer.[…]

Week 1 From Gender to Gun Performativity

This week serves as an introduction to a range of topics within queer theory, including the broad field of made-up vocabulary. The syllabus has at least five such words, including “phallogocentrism.”

Week 2 Surviving Killabilities

“Killabilities” appears to reference the material in this section that details “systematic” violence against queer people and other minorities.

Week 3 Laughing at Masculinist Rage, Corruption and Mass Shooting …

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