China debuts ‘straddling bus’ to loom over roadways

China debuts ‘straddling bus’ to loom over roadways
(Image via Weird Asian News)

[Ed. – Need one ask, “What could go wrong?”]

Imagine that you’re driving along, minding your own business. Suddenly, you notice the sky darkening. Not the dark that comes from a few clouds rolling overhead, but the type of darkness you experience when entering a tunnel. Now, imagine that the tunnel has just entered you. Sounds like a strange phenomenon that would happen in Russia. The reality is much weirder. China just debuted the straddling bus.

In 2010, China began tinkering with the idea for a straddling bus. Then, in May, Chinese officials announced that tests for the straddling bus, officially dubbed TEB-1, would start in early August. The Transit Elevated Bus concept actually developed back in the 1960s. That project, designed for New York City and known as the Landliner, combined the straddling bus concept with the speed of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, although it never went into production. The idea behind the updated Chinese design is that straddling buses can be built on top of existing infrastructure. Rather than spending the time and money to dig beneath cities in order to construct subways, all straddling buses need are some tracks.

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