President Francois Hollande: Trump ‘makes you want to retch’

President Francois Hollande: Trump ‘makes you want to retch’
Hollande and Salman yuk it up at the GCC consultative summit in Riyadh, May 2015. (Image via SUSRIS)

[Ed. – Trump is so full of excesses, you know.  Seriously, do these clowns in national leadership have no self-awareness whatsoever?]

French President François Hollande has joined a growing list of world leaders who have slammed U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump as the election looms closer.

Trump’s “excesses” are sickening, Hollande said Tuesday in Paris, noting the Republican nominee “makes you want to retch.” …

Hollande denounced Trump’s remarks as “hurtful and humiliating” and warned of the global implications a Trump presidency would have.

“If the Americans choose Trump, that will have consequences, because an American election is a world election,” he said.

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