Pew: Sure enough, vast majority of migrants to Europe are Muslim men

Pew: Sure enough, vast majority of migrants to Europe are Muslim men
Here they come. (Image via Breitbart)

[Ed. – There are no surprises here, but the update from last year’s figures is useful, and informative.  Both tables at the link.]

Table one: Where are the refugees coming from? …

Of the top 10, only Eritrea and Nigeria aren’t majority-Muslim and both of those countries contain large Muslim minorities.

Table two: What’s the gender split on who’s coming? As it turns out … pretty much what you’d expect. …

Graphic via Hot Air.
Graphic via Hot Air.

Compare the gender parity in arrivals from Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia to the heavy male skew in arrivals from non-European, i.e. mostly Muslim, nations. The non-European country with the greatest percentage of women seeking asylum is Somalia, with a measly 31 percent. The male skew for Pakistan is 95/5. For Syria, which sent the greatest number of refugees to Europe of any country by far, it’s 71/29. In every non-European case, the percentage of men aged 18-34 — just that subgroup, excluding minors and men aged 35-and-over — exceeds the percentage of women of all ages.

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