The false equivalence of officers shooting vs. officers being shot

The false equivalence of officers shooting vs. officers being shot
Image: Fox News video screen grab

Before he was America’s most famous police chief, David Brown was just a guy trying to fend off the critics. In 2012, some were outraged by a spike in the number of Dallas’ officer-involved shootings.

Brown’s response? Show him the one that wasn’t justified.

It’s a fair point. Instead of simply counting events and evaluating in the aggregate, consider the facts of each case. As Brown would prove twice the next year, he’s not averse to firing officers he believes crossed the line in using their weapons.

More recently, critics have harped on Dallas’ rising crime rate. No matter that it has been within a national pattern of rising big-city crime rates or that Dallas still had historically low numbers.

The critics also had to skip past stats that show Brown’s department had greatly reduced its use-of-force complaints and shootings of criminal suspects.

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