How dare this college serve good food

How dare this college serve good food
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New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell recently blasted Bowdoin College for discriminating against poor students by serving high quality food in its dining halls.

In his podcast Revisionist History, Gladwell explained in a recent episode that Bowdoin’s “immoral choice” to serve quality food makes it exceedingly more difficult for other colleges to close the gap between the rich and poor in society.

“If you’re looking at liberal arts colleges, don’t go to Bowdoin,” Gladwell asserted. “Don’t let your kids go to Bowdoin. Don’t let your friends go to Bowdoin. Don’t give money to Bowdoin or to any other school that serves amazing food in its dining hall.”

Indeed, Bowdoin does serve luxurious, gourmet meals, while other colleges like Vassar serve food that is so bad that it has even caused students to experience digestive problems, according to Gladwell.

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