Vote for Hillary, the noun-whisperer

Vote for Hillary, the noun-whisperer
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[Ed. – Well, that’s a new one.  The slogans from this could be endless.  I suspect their popular appeal would be a bit limited, however.]

Here’s Jennifer Granholm [on Trump]. Her impression more of a doltish dunce:

Imagine Donald Trump’s version of the Constitution. “I the person in order to form a more perfect union.” Or centuries later, “I shall overcome,” or “Ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me.”

The Democrats hit that theme a few times, by the way, latching on to Trump’s claim of I alone can fix it:

He’s forgetting every last one of us.

Americans don’t say I alone can fix it, we say we’ll fix it together.

Of course, Trump’s words were in part a rebuke to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns slogan, “I’m with her.” I’m alone, I’m with her—it’s a meaningless spat over pronouns. It’s the nouns that Hillary used to make the better case. Nouns like wall, taxes, wages,experience, temperament, NATO, bans, security, and knowledge and an appeal to reason. Take this phrase, which is really quite brilliant. Listen as she invokes a Democratic hero, through the lens of a first lady, insults her small-minded opponent, and emphasizes her advantages over him, all in the span of four sentences…

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