Hmm: Hillary supporters realize she can’t protect THEM from future email leaks?

Hmm: Hillary supporters realize she can’t protect THEM from future email leaks?
Data tease. (Image via NY Post)

[Ed. – A not-inconsequential perspective.  Perhaps a tad overthought — but perhaps not.]

A team of writers notes of “the anxiety for Democrats: Are more leaks to come?”:

Activists and campaign officials, anxious about what leaks may be yet to come, also worried about the alleged involvement of the Russian government, with campaign officials suggesting that the Kremlin was releasing the documents to damage Clinton’s candidacy. …

It is doubtful that Putin is worried, but anyone in Washington who once knew a skeleton is now looking over his shoulder:

…one Democratic staffer frantically searched for his name. It was only when he failed to find it, that he began to fear for the worst.“Like everyone in D.C., I immediately searched my name,” said the strategist who works with the DNC. “I wasn’t in there which I was happy about, until I realized just how sinister this leak actually was.”

The staffer, like cybersecurity officials who spoke to BuzzFeed News, said the leaks were sinister because those behind the attack might be drip-feeding the emails to the public to create maximum damage for the Clinton campaign.


This is why the Taliban targets the chiefs of police and the district heads to show the populace that their leaders are vulnerable, that no protection can be expected from them. The same threat logic is being applied by Putin.

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