Reuters/Ipsos poll method once helped Hillary; now to change because it helps Trump

Reuters/Ipsos poll method once helped Hillary; now to change because it helps Trump

[Ed. – And there you go.  The “neither” option was fine when it underreported support for Trump.  Now that Ipsos thinks it underreports support for Hillary, it’s outta there.  H/t: Breitbart.  I’m linking directly to the Reuters article because it states the proposition the most clearly.]

Reuters/Ipsos is amending the wording of the choice and eliminating the word “Neither,” bringing the option in line with other polls. …

From the beginning of June until the middle of July, the Reuters/Ipsos survey showed consistently lower support for Trump than other polls were capturing. …

To determine the cause, the pollsters examined what made the Reuters/Ipsos poll different. Their conclusion: By giving respondents the option of “Neither/Other,” the survey appears to have captured greater numbers of ambivalent voters unwilling to commit to either candidate than other major polls, which only offer the choice of “Other.” …

[T]he Reuters/Ipsos poll probably underreported Trump’s support before the Republican convention, perhaps by 3 to 5 percentage points.

More recently, the “Neither/Other” option appeared to lead to an underreporting of Clinton’s support in the run-up to the Democratic convention … The pollsters estimated the Clinton shortfall at 2 to 4 percentage points.

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