Protesters shout ‘Death to U.S.’ at hours-long demonstration outside Incirlik air base

Protesters shout ‘Death to U.S.’ at hours-long demonstration outside Incirlik air base
Protesters outside Incirlik air base, 28 July. (Image: Screen grab of Vocal Europe/Periscope video via Twitter)

[Ed. – You need a grain of salt for a lot of the Russian media reporting these days — but Sputnik cites third-party reporting here, and has tweets from the U.S. State Department warning Americans about the protest event.  Observe that Erdogan and his army of rapidly-deployable thugs are looking more like the Bolsheviks and the Nazis with each passing day.]

Over five thousand joined anti-American demonstrations yelling “death to US” and demanding an immediate closure of the Incirlik Air Base for over five hours on Thursday before Turkish police came in and broke up the protesters before they could arrive at major NATO military facility, home to nearly 90 US tactical nuclear weapons.

On Thursday, a group of protesters swelled into several thousand ardent anti-American demonstrators heading towards the NATO Air Base at Incirlik, where they look to demand US forces immediately leave the country. …

A critical turning point may have been the massive fire that broke out near the Izmir Air Base this weekend, with T24 news reporting that officials suspected that the cause was anti-American sabotage. The blaze came hours after President Erdogan’s leading Islamist newspaper, Yeni Safak, printed the image of the NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander, US Army General John Campbell, as a leading force behind the coup along with Fethullah Gulen. …

An additional warning been issued for Americans traveling to Turkey that a massive anti-American protest is also scheduled to take place in Ankara at 5:30pm and that US citizens should “be aware.”

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