UK Guardian: Hey, what we really need is a lesbian James Bond

UK Guardian: Hey, what we really need is a lesbian James Bond
So many -isms at work here. (Image: Screen grab of Movie Maker video clip, YouTube)

[Ed. – Gee-yod, that’s so old and busted.  We need a GENDER-FLUID James Bond.  Everybody’s a critic, right?]

The next James Bond should be a lesbian, says the Guardian. (Which, perhaps not uncoincidentally, has just posted its largest-ever losses).

Yes, of course, she should. In the same way – what’s the phrase again? oh yeah, got it – a fish needs a bicycle. And also the same way – less snappy this one but still –  an ailing left-wing newspaper needs offshore trusts, labyrinthine tax arrangements and the sale of acommercial magazine specialising in second hand cars to keep itself afloat.

Personally, I have a lot of time for the Guardian and there’s a part of me that would like it made compulsory in every household. …

Most importantly, of course, as an endless source of parody-is-dead articles it is more reliably entertaining even than the Onion.

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