Yes, of course Donald Trump can win

Yes, of course Donald Trump can win
Image: HuffPo video screen grab

As the Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia today, conventional wisdom is hardening behind this idea: Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president.

That sentiment is driven by a Republican convention last week in Cleveland that showcased not only Trump’s continued inability to stick to any sort of message but also the deep fissures his nomination has created within the Republican establishment.

And all of that is true. It’s also true that the electoral map clearly favors Clinton and that Trump is on the wrong side of the massive demographic changes sweeping the country. (Trump’s numbers among Hispanics, for example, are horrendously bad.)

But amid all of that empirical evidence, it’s important to remember that we may be through the looking glass, politically speaking. Meaning that there are bits of evidence everywhere — from Trump’s remarkable run to the Republican nomination to the Brexit vote — that suggest that not only the old way of doing things but also the old way of measuring successes and failures is no longer operative.

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